Scott & Shackleton's Antarctic - Ross Sea Expedition

22 Days - Le Soleal

Embark on an extraordinary adventure to the seldom visited Ross Sea from New Zealand and walk in the footsteps of legendary polar explorers on this exciting expedition. Sailing from Dunedin in New Zealand on board Le Soléal, start in Campbell Island, part of New Zealand’s Subantarctic Islands, and discover the island’s spectacular endemic flora and fauna, including six species of albatross. Continue on to the Ross Sea, the Southernmost sea on Earth. Observe the largest Adelie penguin rookeries in the world, sail pass gigantic icebergs and thundering glaciers during a zodiac excursion, or spot Weddell Seals as they relax or hunt on icefloes. You will have the opportunity to visit historic buildings including Sir Ernest Shackleton’s hut at Cape Royds, and reflect on the heroic polar journeys of some of the world’s most intrepid polar explorers. On your way back to New Zealand, enjoy some time on Australia’s Macquarie Island, and its impressive colony of king penguins, as well as the Snares islands and their unique wildlife sanctuaries, before disembarking in Dunedin. A truly memorable adventure not many have the chance to experience!

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