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Antarctica Cruises & Travel Tours

Antarctica is often considered the ultimate travel destination for Australians, and the best way to visit Antarctica is on an expedition cruise. Many consider Antarctica the last frontier and the ultimate in travel experiences.

Travel to the end of the Earth and explore the vast wilderness of the great white continent on one of our many incredible small ship expeditions. Travellers are invited to join us as we explore the planet’s most remote continent with its unspoilt, awe-inspiring scenery and incredible wildlife encounters.

Antarctica is the fifth largest, the coldest and the driest continent on Earth. Cruises not only offer travellers the amazing opportunity to observe the abundance of wildlife it has to offer from the comfort of their expedition vessel, but also to gain inspirational insights from a dedicated and knowledgeable crew who spend their working lives traversing the icy ends of the globe. This is truly the very height of exciting travel and adventure holidays. Add the great, white continent to your travel itinerary and see for yourself what the most remote destination on the planet can offer you.

The Antarctica cruise season runs from November to March each year – with the months of November and March generally having the cheaper cruises, and December to mid-February being the peak season. Each month really offers its unique advantages. Cruises depart from South America or longer voyages from Australia or New Zealand. The voyage from South America is the more affordable and popular departure option having considerably less sea days, but the Australia and New Zealand options offer an opportunity to see the sub-Antarctic islands crossing the Ross Sea and witness the amazing King and Emperor Penguins. Luxury Antarctica cruises offer travellers a unique opportunity to explore this isolated wilderness with the comforts of a luxury hotel as they move around.

Choose from our range of fascinating trips or contact us and we’ll be happy to tailor the perfect itinerary to suit your requirements.

Feature Deals & Popular Tours

Expedition Savings!

Early Bird!

Huge savings available on these spectacular Antarctic expeditions on board the World Explorer, Ocean Endeavour, Ocean Diamond and Ocean Adventurer.

Solar Eclipse: Antarctica

Selling Fast!

Explore the wildlife-rich Falkland Islands and remote South Georgia before reaching Antarctica on this incredible voyage coupled with the once in a lifetime opportunity to be on a vessel positioned directly under the path of the eclipse.

G Expedition

from $6799 pp

Discover the spectacular Seventh Continent on your choice of our small vessel expedition cruises.

New Fly Cruise!

Free Flights

Skip the Drake Passage on this luxurious itinerary on the Silver Explorer. Includes flights from Australia.

Exclusive Luxury

from $7360 pp

Spectacular value on this 10 day luxury voyage on board Le Lyrial cruise ship to the Antarctic Peninsula

Best Antarctica Cruise Deals

Image Tour Deals Cost (from) Days Next Depature Highlight
Classic Antarctica Classic Antarctica Exclusive $6799 pp 11 21 Nov 2020 Vivid emerald, violet tints, intense blue and crimson light—the Antarctic is anything but a world...
Le Lyrial: Emblematic Antarctica ex. Ushuaia Le Lyrial: Emblematic Antarctica ex. Ushuaia Eclipse Travel Exclusive Offer!
$7360 pp 11 30 Jan 2021 We invite you on a polar expedition cruise to the heart of the icy realm...
Ocean Diamond: Epic Antarctica - Crossing the Circle via Falklands & South Georgia Ocean Diamond: Epic Antarctica - Crossing the Circle via Falklands & South Georgia Save 10%
Save 10%
$16495 pp 23 18 Dec 2020 Step aboard and sail to Antarctica in this extraordinary 23 days cruise. Be prepared to...
Scenic Eclipse: Antarctica in Depth - Voyage 101S Scenic Eclipse: Antarctica in Depth - Voyage 101S Exclusive $11997 pp 12 07 Mar 2020 Experience Antarctica in Depth on this 12 day all-inclusive 6-star cruise from Ushuaia. View vast...
Antarctica Bridge Fly/Cruise Antarctica Bridge Fly/Cruise Exclusive $17183 pp 9 10 Dec 2021 Discover Antarctica in luxury on this 9 day fly/cruise expedition to the 7th continent. Skip...
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica - Explorers & Kings Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica - Explorers & Kings Save 40%
Save 30%
Save 25%
Save 20%
Save 10%
$12597 pp 20 16 Nov 2020 A comprehensive expedition of extremes, you can’t find a more complete Antarctic experience than this!...
L'Austral: Emblematic Antarctica ex. Ushuaia L'Austral: Emblematic Antarctica ex. Ushuaia Eclipse Travel Exclusive Offer!
$7867 pp 11 09 Jan 2021 We invite you on a polar expedition cruise to the heart of the icy realm...
Spirit of Antarctica Spirit of Antarctica Exclusive $10900 pp 12 28 Nov 2020 Embrace the spirit of polar exploration on this classic expedition to the coveted white continent....
Antarctic Express - Crossing the Circle Antarctic Express - Crossing the Circle Save 40%
$15897 pp 11 18 Feb 2021 Fully immersed in the Antarctic environment, you’ll experience a roller coaster of emotions, from excitement...

Antarctica Blogs


Polar Circle Tours

Polar Circle Tours

Join us on a voyage of discovery to our planet’s last frontier, a mysterious and pristine paradise, with Polar Circle Tours and Eclipse. Our Polar Circle Travel packages offer you the chance to witness amazing ice formations that will ignite your imagination as you search the unbelievable landscape for the wildlife. Our Polar Circle Tours will have you traverse some of the coldest waters on the planet, see sights few will ever see, and experience what life is like for the most amazing animals on planet Earth.

Antarctic Peninsula Tours

Antarctic Peninsula Tours

Tick off that must-see and must-see destination that is Antarctica and choose from our range of Eclipse cruise options and packages to experience the wonder and unforgettable majesty of Antarctic Peninsula Tours.

Antarctica Fly Cruise

Antarctica Fly Cruise

These Antarctic Fly Cruise and our Fly Cruise Tours reduce your precious time otherwise spent on a leisurely ship passage down to the mainland but allow you to still witness the magnificent landscape and wildlife on offer. An Antarctica Fly Cruise is a great way to experience the expansive wonder of Antarctica, while avoiding the famous Drake Passage and is perfect for Fly Cruise Tour lovers who may be shorter on time to spent getting to the wild, untamed ice island on the planet’s far south.

Falklands & South Georgia Tours

Falklands & South Georgia Tours

The Falkland Islands Tours and South Georgia Tours with Eclipse are the best way to experience these jewels of the South Atlantic Ocean. These incredibly remote and wild islands are home to an abundance of wildlife. The Falkland Islands Tours will show you a rich and storied history, while South Georgia Tours will give you front row seats to what has rightly been called ‘the most staggering wildlife show on earth’. After our in-depth exploration, we are certain you will agree.

Weddell Sea Tours

Weddell Sea Tours

Experience the wild and wonderful Weddell Sea Tours with Eclipse Travel's selection of Antarctic tours and Weddell Sea Tour packages. Fierce, cold and stunningly beautiful your Weddell Sea Tours selection will have you following in the footsteps of explorers just like Shackleton who have grappled with the contrasts of the Weddell Sea and defied the odds to see some of the planet’s most amazing natural landscapes. The Weddell Sea has an abundance of whales and seals which is of great appeal for wildlife lovers too.

Sub-Antarctic Islands

Sub-Antarctic Islands

New Zealand's remote Sub-Antarctic Islands are a region of wild landscapes, unique wildlife and forgotten beauty.

Antarctic Specials

Antarctic Specials

Great savings and bargain fares on Antarctic cruise and tour packages. We continually update our amazing Antarctic specials and deals to help you get to this magnificent destination at a discounted price.