Scott & Shackleton’s Antarctic - Ross Sea Expedition

22 Days - Le Soleal

Embark on an extraordinary adventure to the seldom visited Ross Sea from New Zealand and walk in the footsteps of legendary polar explorers on this exciting expedition.

Sailing from Dunedin in New Zealand on board Le Soléal, start in Campbell Island, part of New Zealand’s Subantarctic Islands, and discover the island’s spectacular endemic flora and fauna, including six species of albatross.

Your ship will then set sail for the Ross Sea. Amidst the drifting ice, calving glaciers and monumental icebergs, you will discover one of Antarctica’s most extreme and best conserved regions. This wild, remote, almost inaccessible icy immensity will invite you to step into the shoes of the great explorers: Ross, Scott, Shackleton… and discover the elements they faced during their quests. During this season, in the middle of the polar night, the temperatures could – and still can - drop to -30 degrees, forcing the famous crews to winter on neighbouring islands.

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