Antarctic Holiday Adventure

14 Days - World Navigator

Experience a true winter wonderland this holiday as you come upon scenes of pristine icebergs, glaciers and ice floes. With seven days of traversing the Antarctic Peninsula and an Antarctic Circle crossing, it’s the perfect adventure for the explorer spirit. Sitting in the comfort of heated seats at Water’s Edge, situated just 30 feet above the sea’s surface, watch for baleen and humpback whales breaching while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa. Witness crabeater seals mating and Gentoo, Adélie and chinstrap penguin courtship rituals in the Antarctic Peninsula during this time of year on shore landings guided by an expert expedition team. As you navigate the famous Drake Passage, watch for blue petrels gliding overhead, guiding the way. Feel a sense of warmth and camaraderie overcome you as you connect with fewer than 200 fellow explorers on this special holiday expedition.

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