Galapagos of the Southern Ocean: New Zealand and Australia's Subantarctic Islands

13 Days - Heritage Adventurer

This is without doubt one of the most inspirational and informative journeys or expeditions into the Southern Ocean ecosystem that one can make anywhere in the world. Long recognised for their rich biodiversity, the Subantarctic Islands lying to the south of New Zealand
are UNESCO World Heritage sites. This places them in a select group of only 250 natural sites that have been designated as ‘the most important and significant natural habitats’ on the planet.

Our journey takes us from Hobart to Australia’s icy outback Macquarie Island, where we are introduced to four different species of penguin at this UNESCO World Heritage Site, and continues on to three of New Zealand’s Subantarctic Islands: The Snares, Auckland, and Campbell. Each of the Subantarctic Islands we explore is different, and each one is unique – just like this expedition.

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