Lord Howe Island

Escape to this World Heritage-listed island to hike scenic tracks, meet rare wildlife & relax in peaceful surroundings.

Lord Howe Island is a World Heritage-listed natural paradise less than two hours by plane from Sydney and Brisbane. With only 400 visitors allowed at any time, this is the perfect escape from as birdsong fills the clean air and lush mountainous terrain rises up all around you.

Get to know this remote island by hiking some of the many tracks. The hike up to Kims Lookout and Malabar Hill starts at Settlement Beach gives you the perfect perspective of the stunning scenery. Those looking for more of a challenge can hike Mount Gower to work off some of the spectacular food and drink on offer at Lord Howe’s boutique accommodation.

Snorkel or scuba for a view of the abundant marine life that calls this island paradise home. You can see dolphins, turtles and marlin, as well as many rare species including Spanish dancers, Galapagos whalers and Ballina angelfish.

Lord Howe Island was formed after a volcanic eruption seven million years ago, becaming a haven for plants and seabirds. Rare flora and fauna includes 64 unique species of flowering plants and more than 130 bird species, such as the endangered flightless woodhen. Red-tailed tropicbirds court each other with backward somersaults.

Lord Howe Island provides the only known breeding ground for the providence petrel. Norfolk Island pines grow around the lagoon shore and you’ll find luxuriant ferns and beard-like lichen in the misty forest atop Mount Gower.

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